Balloon Float Up Surprise (Cash Money) - 24'' Personalised Balloon with 8 Mini Balloons

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The most practical way of giving of gift is to give the REAL CASH to your love one on the special day. The modern way of doing it is through our balloon gifting.

Imagine your love pull open the ribbon and the money float up in front them. Capture the very moment of them being excited and surprised by your special gift. 


The price includes:

1) Quality branded 24'' Bubble Balloon

2) Free Customised of Name on the box

3) Money Float Up 

Up to 8 notes of your selected value 

- the amount solely to be borne by buyers.  

4) Personalised Text on the Flower Box

6) Flower Box

7) (Nicely Design) Ribbon Color of your choice

8) Free Delivery


Please enter FLOATINGSURPRISE at checkout to enjoy free delivery 


Please Note: This is a personalised/customised balloon. The illustration you see on the display picture is for illustration only. If you want the same as picture/ any other picture you will need to state in the request.  If there is no request stated , our designer team will just proceed with just wordings and some simple graphic. As different people different taste, we won't do it the same as display picture. Please request for one if you need a picture on the balloon.. Thank you 

There are no templates for you choose from, as we do all design custom to each and every single one. You can even add cartoon character(S) to it.

After you have purchase , please whatsapp 81576661 to send in the total amount and the money you want to put in for money pulling. 

The Balloon Float Up Surprise (Cash Money) - 24'' Personalised Balloon with 8 Mini Balloons was built with people like you in mind. Something to keep you happy. Every. Single. Day.

Inventory Last Updated: Jul 20, 2024

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