Q1. What are the ways of contacting Bloop Balloons?

Email: bloopballoons@gmail.com

Contact Number: +65 81576661 for any enquiries. 

Address: 18 Sin Ming Lane, #08-16, Midview City, Singapore 573960 - Take Lift From Sub Lobby 26 

Q2.Does Bloop Balloons have a physical store ? Do you accept Walk-Ins?

Bloop Balloons currently is a online based balloon store only.


All self collection to be done at our warehouse by appointment.


If in any case you need some last min party fix please call +65 81576661 to arrange for appointment. (Only applicable for non-personalised product) 

Q3. I got my own balloons, do Bloop Balloons provide any helium inflation service?

Yes we do. 

Please let us know the balloon sizes and how many balloons you need to inflate.


Bear in mind that we need sometime to inflate the balloons especially during weekend. Do plan 2-3hours ahead of your party time to inflate the balloons. 

However we are not responsible for any balloon bursting and how long the helium latex balloon can last. As it is not our own balloons. 

Typically a US latex balloon can last 8 hours in indoor air condition. 

Q4. Float Time and Balloon inflation

We inflate your helium balloons 30 mins 1 hour before delivery/self collection time. Please arrange your delivery timing 2-3 hours prior to your event. Especially for helium latex balloons. 

1) For 24'' bubble balloons it can last at least 2 - 7 days. 

(However please handle it with care even though it can last for a long time) 

2) Latex Balloons can float for up to 8 hours in indoor air condition area. 

2-3 times longer when treated with Hi-Float solution 

3) Foil balloons can float for up to 2 days.

4)To maximise the lifespan of your balloons, try to avoid extremely hot or cold conditions, and avoid moving them in and out of different temperature environments.

Please do not put it in the car boot as the extreme heat from the car will burst the balloons. Put it next to you or at the passenger seats. 

Avoid putting balloons near to light, as well as any strong electronic equipment. The static generated from some electrical appliances might be enough to pop these balloons.

6) Hot Air Balloon normally it can last for weeks to months depending on how well its being handled. 

No exchange/refund is allowed once balloons are handed-over in good condition

Q5.Can I change the color of my balloon string?

Yes you can. Our standard balloon string color majority of it is SILVER. Sometimes we will use GOLD or ROSE GOLD. Depending on the color theme. 

You may opt for other string color but it will be based on the availability. 

Q6. Can I mixed and matched the color themed that I like and make it into my own balloon bouquet ?

Yes of course , you may. The color theme are up to your own preference. Do let us know if you want it to be in a bundle or want it in layered bouquet

Q7. Why are the price for the 24'' bubble balloon cost are lower than other company? Is it because it is substandard bubble balloon or materials being used?

Rest assured! The 24'' bubble balloon we using are from Qualatex - US quality . 

The float time for the balloon is 2-7 days at least. Most of our customers their personalised balloons last them for weeks . However the wording will start to peel off first as the helium starts to goes off. 


It is because we want to keep the price low for the students and the young mummies. We want to make the personalised balloon affordable for everyone. We believed that everyone should have a chance to get their favourite led balloon! 

Q8. If we saw some balloon design  from other vendor but it's too expensive , can you guys replicate it for us?

You may do it but we can do only something similar to it and not replicate every single thing. 

Personalised Balloon will be design uniquely just for you.The picture that you send can only be a source of reference only especially it came from other vendors. As a form of respect towards other , we can only do something similar and not replica everything from them.

For the font selection please go to dafont.com to find your desire fonts. As there are too many fonts in the market, we will not know what fonts the other vendors using. 

To avoid any conflict arise, please be as specific as possible in your order description as we have got many similar products. 

To find our past work reference, do go to Instagram @bloopballoons . Our instastory got the most up to date work. 

Q9. Why are the latex balloons price more expensive than groceries stall or those online shopping platform?

Our latex balloons will last longer than conventional balloons from the groceries and online shopping platform. As we are using US quality latex balloon. The materials are much more thicker and color are much more nicer too 

Having to say that, please keep the balloons in indoor as much as you can. As the hot weather condition can decrease the floating time of the latex balloons. 

Collection or delivery time to be 2-3 hours prior to your party time. 

Q10. What are the shipping method? How much do I have to spend in order for free delivery?

We have different product and services. 

For helium balloons delivery. 

There will be $25 - $35 delivery charge for all locations. If you spend $400 and above there will be free delivery. 

The reason why balloon delivery fee are priced high because the fee will be paid to the driver and the person accompanied the balloons. To make sure that the balloons going over are in top condition. And for many reasons, balloon delivery are normally deliver as close timing to the time of party. 

For flower delivery 

There will be delivery fee of $15 island-wide. Free Delivery* are entitled to order above $68 including Hot Air Balloon (CANNOT combine with helium balloons)

*Term and Condition*

Not able to combine with any helium balloon, inflated foil balloon, customised bottles or any add-ons. All these are not applicable for free delivery. 

If we find any of these items in your order, we will ask for additional $15 delivery charge. We will proceed with refunding of your order if there's any argument arose. 

This delivery charge is for our deliveryman to deliver to you safely. We are sure you don't want to risk your balloons to deliver deflated right? Please do understand, this is an on demand delivery service and it's island wide. (Excluding TUAS) 

$15 for flower delivery is a reasonable rate for flower service. 

For uninflated/non helium product delivery

​Courier service of $10 island wide. 


Please select the appropriate delivery method for your item. 



Failed Delivery

Failed delivery means the contact number that was provided is invalid/uncontactable. The driver is unable to locate the address given. For example, the wrong postal code/full address. 

None of the contact numbers given picked up the call. There will only be 15 mins grace period for the driver to wait. (Except for all hospitals, hotels, and especially for MBS). 

If you type in the wrong address it is the buyer's own responsibility to let us know that is the wrong address and let us know the correct one. 

By default, we will only follow the address that is typed in the Shipping Address which you can locate upon checkout. Any addresses that are not typed in the Shipping Address will be ignored. For eg, (DO NOT type in the Self Collection/Delivery column as that's for our reference on the mode do you want, DO NOT type in the seller note any addresses too) 

Failed delivery/ re-delivery fee will incur an additional $15 delivery charge.

In any circumstances, the case is not the fault of our company. We will not be responsible to redeliver it for you for free. You will need to top up any amount that's applicable. We will do our due diligence to check whether is it our fault or the driver's fault for the delivery. If it is our fault, we will do the necessary to arrange for the delivery. 

You will also need to check through and make sure everything is correct so that the delivery will be smooth and up to your standard. 

The delivery fee that you pay is only for one location. 



Self collection (By Appointment ONLY) will be free @ 

18 Sin Ming Lane, #08-16, Midview City, Singapore 573960 - Take Lift From Sub Lobby 26

Q11. Is there any delivery to Hospital? 

Yes, but however delivery is only to hospital reception. Please have a point of contact for delivery as hospitals have a lot of rules due to COVID. Do understand that this is for the health of everyone and our delivery man. Delivery is by per time slot only, request to be delivered by specific timing is not allowed. 

Q12. I am a Malaysian, can I apply by MYR?

Transaction is strictly by Paypal or Credit Card only. We are not able to take in MYR amount due to conversion rate. 

Same applies to all countries.