[MEDIUM] Hot Air Balloon Snack Box

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Personalised hot air balloon flower in a box for any occasion. Surprise someone special with this unique personalised gift.

The price includes:

16 Chocolate/Snack of your choice

1) Quality branded 24''  premium bubble balloon

2) Personalised Message on the balloon

3) LED light Color of your choice

4) 8 Mini Balloons Inside 

5)Flower Box

6)(Nicely Design) Ribbon Color of your choice

7)Free Delivery

Please enter FREEFLOWERDELIVERY at checkout to enjoy free delivery 


BONUS: Complimentary Balloon Candy Cup 

Choose your snack/chocolate choice and we will add it up together to 16 chocolates. You can choose more than 16 but we will only put in 16 chocolates for this package. (We have the right to replace any chocolates that are not available at the point of time when we purchase, we seek your kind understanding on this matter)


  1. Hershey Kisses
  2. Hershey Cookies And Cream
  3. Hershey Creamy Milk Chocolate
  4. Hershey Dark Chocolate
  5. Ferrero Rocher
  6. Mars
  7. Snickers
  8. M&M
  9. Kinder Bueno
  10. Dairy Milk
  11. Oreo
  12. Kit Kat
  13. Oriental Cheese Balls
  14. Jack n Jill Roller Coaster
  15. Apollo Stick Wafer
  16. Monde Pola Snack
  17. Meiji Yan Yan (Strawberry)
  18. Meiji Yan Yan (Chocolate)
  19. Meiji Yan Yan (Vanilla)
  20. Meiji Hello Panda (Strawberry)
  21. Meiji Hello Panda (Chocolate)
  22. Meiji Hello Panda (Vanilla)
  23. Twisties
  24. Cheezels

There are no templates for you choose from, as we do all design custom to each and every single one. You can even add cartoon character(S) to it.

The [MEDIUM] Hot Air Balloon Snack Box is evocative, to say the least, but that's why you're drawn to it in the first place.

Inventory Last Updated: Jun 20, 2024

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