How Long Can Balloon Last?

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Balloons looks very pretty and create the party atmosphere. But our most frequently asked questions are.. How long can the helium balloon last? How can I prolong the longevity of the helium balloons? Why some the balloons last longer than another. We understand the confusion and frustration  .

Here we hope to give some ideas on the aspects of some of our most popular balloons.


 Latex Balloon 

12'' latex balloon normally can last from 8hours-10hours in indoor air condition or room temperature. Helium slowly escapes out of them once its inflated. Temperature is one of the factor that affect how long your balloon will float. 

For example, when you took the helium latex balloon from us please do not put inside the car boot as excessive heat could cause the balloon to burst. Under scorching hot sun will shorten the lifespan and oxides the balloon. Oxidation of the balloon will cause the balloon color to fade off. It wont be shiny.

Please do note that not to let your balloon stay prolong time outside. It will affect the floating time of helium latex balloon, it cannot handle hot temperature. Especially with the ever changing climate temperature, we are not able to advise how long your balloon will float if you decide to take the balloons with public transport. As the frequent hot and cold temperature will affect the floating time too. 

When collecting helium balloons from us, please arrange it to be collect 1-2 hours away from your event timing. We won't be responsible and replace any balloons that are collected a day or few days before. 

It's best to put inside a comfortable room temperature but not too cold. As your balloon may start to drop. 

Please do note that not to release the balloons to the sky as it will harm the environment and cause harm to wildlife. Have a lot of fun partying with your balloons. Cut, deflate and dispose it responsibly.  

You can opt for Hi-Float solution to be input to your balloons at extra charge. It is a solution that are applied on the inside of the balloon to slow down the deflation process. It can extend the life of the balloon by a few more hours. But it also depending on the temperature and how its being handled.


Personalised Bubble Balloon

Bubble balloon are long lasting when filled with helium and it can stay afloat for few days or even for a few weeks. It can be filled a day before prior to the event. Bubble balloon does not allow the helium to escape as quickly as latex balloons. However it's also depending on how its being handled and the surrounding temperature. 

With that to say. We recommend to collect the bubble balloon or get it deliver on the day of the event itself. To make sure it is presentable to your recipient. The helium bubble balloon can last for a few days but the wording will start to peel/come off after 2-3 days. In the event of the wording come off, you can paste the wording back on the balloon. 

We also would like to emphasis that, although this is a helium bubble balloon, please do not try to take out the battery from the led light (If you purchase it with led light) and let it fly to the ceiling. Or even putting it at the house gate will cause a hole in the balloon. We don't know if there are anything sharp at the gate. It might damage the balloon and cause disappointment before your event start. 

Proper handling of the bubble balloons is to put the balloon off anything sharp or do not let it near the wall or gate.

We wont be responsible for any mishandling once you have receive the balloon in good condition.


Foil Balloon

Typically our 18'' can float around 2-3 days before it starts to deflate . 40'' jumbo balloon will float 2 days to week . However 16'' number/alphabet will not float with helium, it can only be filled with air. 


Those tiny balloon aka 5'' Personalised Balloon

Our ever popular top selling product in our online store, balloons with bouquet. They are great for customised gifts but how long does they last? We are pretty sure that this is what came to your mind when purchasing the gift. The tiny little balloons last 1 days to few weeks depending on how it being handled. So does the foil balloon beside it. Extended amount of time under hot sun might harm and burst the balloon. Please note that it's not a helium filled balloons, it will not float with helium. 

Hot Air Balloon Flower Box 

Another of our top selling products are our Hot Air Balloons Flower Box

The balloons are made up of 24'' bubble balloon. What makes it different from the 24'' Bubble Balloon  is that this hot air balloon does not contain helium. It is filled with normal air . It can be filled a day before prior to the event. It can last longer than the 24'' Bubble Balloon.  Typically 2 days to few weeks, some even longer as from feedback from our customers. However it's also depending on how it's being handled and the surrounding temperature. 


Can balloons be used outdoors?
If you consider using balloons for an outdoors event, we suggest using heavier weights. We cannot guarantee the float time of balloons in unfavourable weather conditions. The balloon will oxides under scorching hot sun, the color of the balloon will fade.


In summary: 

Balloons are still balloons after all, you still have to take care of the balloon while transporting and placing it at a place that it will not burst the balloons. 

  • Store balloons out of light and away from heat to maintain their quality. 
  • Wind can cause balloons to tangle or pop when they are blown into a sharp object
  • Weighted down arrangements/objects are at risk of being dragged 
  • Direct sunlight can cause the colour to fade and ‘oxidise’
  • Heat may also cause helium in the balloon to expand and pop the balloon 
  • A foil balloon can appear deflated in cold air, but it will fill out when warmed up.

With this in mind, we hope that you have clearer mind of what kind of balloons or gift that are suitable for you.


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