Responsible Use Of Balloons And Never Release Balloons Into The Air

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As the saying goes, no celebration is complete without balloons. Be it a birthday party, anniversary celebration, kids birthday, grand opening, etc. You will definitely get the balloons you want and the use of helium balloons will come to mind. 

The most common questions asked are can I pop my balloons outdoor? Can I release my helium balloons outdoor? 

The simple answer is NO!

Despite having fun with our balloons, it is important to think about the environment and be a responsible user of balloons. Never intentional release of balloons to cause any major negative impact on the environment. 

What goes up will eventually come down and no balloons don't go to outer space...

They can become tangled in power lines and cause interruptions. 

Water weight will be given to you to weigh down your helium balloon to avoid accidental release. 

When you are done having fun with the balloons. Do cut the neck and properly dispose of them. 

Balloons should be around to create joy for generations to come.  Let's continue to spread cheers through balloons with all the special occasions. Remember to be responsible for your environment and not cause any littering. 



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