Questions about Delivery? Top 5 Questions About Our Balloon/Flower Delivery In Singapore

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One of our top most asked questions are about our delivery service. Due to the high influx of gift exchanging our delivery services are on high demand. 


Our delivery time slot are as such: 

1st time slot : 9am-1pm 

2nd time slot : 1pm-5pm

3rd time slot : 5pm-9pm 


Your delivery will be deliver within the choose time frame. However due to traffic condition, unpredictable weather condition, delayed at the previous location, wrong postal code given by the previous location, unable to locate the receiver and not able to leave at the doorstep. Please note that all these will bound to happen, we apologize if there is any delay in any of the deliveries.

1) I want this item but I want the delivery to be made after 8pm or at 12pm SHARP. Can you do it? I don't need to pay extra right? 

For all our items, it will be send within the choose time slot. Please do not request to send at a specific time as there will bound to be delays and unforeseen circumstances that cause delay. We won't promise on delivering at specific time and moreover, our drivers send delivery by the smoothest route he can go. That's to cater to everyone and make sure all deliveries are send within the time slot. 

If you really need something to be send within short time frame, you will need to top up money and it also depending on availability.


Special time delivery not available for Valentine's Day. If you need any special timing on Valentine's Day, our advice is to engage a third party deliveryman (eg, Grab Delivery, Lala Move). It may cost more but it will definitely reach you faster. Do check with them early and book early. As it's Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day peak. There might not be many drivers willing to work. You can choose to self collect at our office 

18 Sin Ming Lane #08-16 Singapore 573960 

Take Lift From Sub Lobby 26 


Please contact us @ 81576661 for any special delivery arrangement. 

Kindly do not put that on the delivery note that you want it to deliver in the early morning when you choose 9am-1pm delivery time slot. We certainly do not  know that your early morning time is 8am. You will need to contact and communicate with us on this matter. 

Do only have one contact person at any point of time. If in the event of any miscommunication between you and your friend(s). We will only contact the main person that's buying and not through your friend(s). 

2) Can you please take a video of my love one holding the balloon/flower when delivering? Please... It's for my memory sake. 

For video taking it is not possible as we are hiring drivers to help us send your balloons/bouquets. We have no time to send the items by ourselves. They are middle-aged to old-aged uncles trying to make a living by helping to deliver your items. They are not very tech savvy. Please do not put them in a very bad position and scold them for not taking videos for you. They are just a delivery man not videographer. 

The most that they can do for you is only photo of the person holding it. But we cannot guarantee on the quality of the picture. As mentioned, they are a group of middle-age to old-aged uncles. 

Instead of scolding us for the extra services that's ''complimentary'', you can ask your love one to take selfie of it or ask his/her friend to help take the video. 

3) Please sing a Happy Birthday song to the receiver. 

It's not possible dear. The delivery items will be send by middle-aged to old aged uncles. The possibility of them singing happy birthday song is impossible. They are just a delivery man trying to make a living. Please do not request for all this thing to make thing difficult for them. Imagine having a stranger singing birthday song to you, you will get a shock out of your life. 

4) Delivery man reached your recipient place but no one is answering the door. 

What if when your delivery man reached the address but no one is at home? Can you please ask him to wait until he/she is back? By practise our driver will call the recipient to arrange for the next step. He ask for advice and place it at a safe place. He will only wait 10 mins max. 

He won't wait until he off work as we have a lot of other deliveries going on. 

5) I ordered only one day before my actual day of delivery, eg. 23.36pm I choose the next day morning delivery, 9am-1pm. And I want it to deliver in the morning not after 12pm. Will it be delivered on time or will that be delayed? 

Please note that almost all of our items are customised products. We need time to make the product out. And it also depends on the availability of the item that you select. Some of the items we need time to go out to source.

For instance, you if choose a liquor item, we cannot even get it at night after you purchase. We need to wait till next day to get it please do understand that and choose a later timing for delivery. Too short time notice, you will only get disappointed, if it doesn't deliver at your desire time. 


All in all, your helium balloons / flower bouquets delivery will be deliver within the day that you select. If you need any assistance please do not hesitate to contact us at 81576661.  



6) Why is it that my balloons are delivered in a big transparent plastic bag? What is the purpose of it? Why the driver cannot present as it is?

All our helium balloons that can be contained inside a plastic bag will be delivered in plastic bag. By doing so, it is to prevent the balloon from tangling with each other and also the balloon wont oxides so fast. It is to prolong the lifespan of the balloons, so that even due humid weather, the balloons wont come down so fast. It is to also facilitate the delivery process to be smooth and fast. 

The balloons are all nicely blown up with helium, it is ready for party when you take out from the plastic bag. All you need to do is to take out the balloon upright and place it in position. 



Shop away at our collection now and happy gifting!

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